How about we look at the similarity status of Alexa application with your gadget

Alexa application works appropriately on:

1. Android 5.0 or higher

In the event that you are utilizing Android 5.0 or higher rendition, and, after its all said and done your Alexa application not working… .you ought to do the accompanying things:

Restart your Android gadget

Kill your gadget and press the power catch again to restart the gadget.

Power stop the Alexa App

Go to Settings->Applications-> Management applications (for some gadget).

Open Alexa application and select clear information.

Presently tap on the choice "Power stop".

Re-introduce Alexa application

To start with, uninstall the Alexa application on your gadget.

Go to Google Play and re-introduce the application once more.

2. On the off chance that you are an iOS client

Once in a while, Amazon application won't open even on an iOS gadget.

At that point, what to do?

No compelling reason to stress!!!

here we display the arrangement:

Restart your iOS gadget from the rest/wake catch.

Power close the Alexa application on an iOS gadget

Find the Alexa application on your gadget.

Swipe up on the application to close it.

Uninstall and re-introduce the Alexa application on iOS

Discover Alexa application on your gadget.

Press and hold it until the point when it began shaking on the screen.

Tap X on the application.

Presently go to the Apple App Store and introduce the Alexa application once more.

3. Fire OS 3.0 or higher

First and the chief thing is to restart your Fire OS gadget.

Power stop the Alexa application on Fire OS

Open brisk settings->settings OR More-> Apps and Games Or Applications-> Manage All Applications or Installed Applications.

Select Clear information after you found the Alexa application.

In the wake of clearing, simply select Force Stop.

You can likewise introduce or re-introduce the application.

4. Internet Browser (Chrome or Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and so on)

Clear all the reserve and treats from your internet browser.

Close and open the internet browser once more.

Alexa (Amazon Echo) application doesn't work

A typical issue is the point at which your Alexa application couldn't have the capacity to associate with Amazon Echo.

This issue emerges in light of the fact that the Alexa application was keep going refreshed on October 24, 2016, which was before the 7.1.1 engineer review notwithstanding being discharged.

In straightforward words, this is a kind of engineer issue not identified with the Operating framework.

Pause, we have another arrangement:

In the first place, kill your WiFi information and turn on the cell information.

Begin the Alexa application.

Turn on WiFi and kill cell information and restart Alexa.

For what reason won't my Amazon application open on my Android?

Numerous clients posted this mistake on different network discussions:

Amazon App not chipping away at Phones

Rather than working legitimately, Amazon Apps just flashes a mistake message, "Too bad, there's an issue with this page at the present time. We're dealing with settling it.

Attempt to re-introduce the application.

Or on the other hand

Open Settings>Applications>Application Manager>Amazon (mine is rendition

Select Force Stop. Tapped on Storage and after that clicked clear reserve and afterward clear information.

Amazon applications won't open – white screen

Numerous clients confront this issue > when they change their telephone number, their Amazon applications stall out on a white screen.


Attempt to clear all the reserve and the information. Likewise, attempt your fortunes while receiving power stop. Or then again. uninstall or re-introduce the application.

Alexa application says a gadget is disconnected

Resound Show is demonstrating disconnected in my Alexa App (Amazon Echo disconnected)

Indeed, even in the wake of refreshing your application or resetting Amazon reverberate, the Alexa still demonstrates the Offline message.

For this, present a help case to Amazon Retail client benefit for help.

Associated with wifi however Alexa application says Offline (Echo speck)

Kill the Alexa application.

Unplug the Amazon Echo for couple of minutes.

Connect it back to and walk out on.

Alexa application demonstrates virtual switches as disconnected

Alexa has regarded the virtual (recreated) switches as disconnected despite the fact that they work fine from the ST application.

Sonos Shows as disconnected on Amazon Alexa App


1. Sign in to your Alexa account.

2. Show "Your Skills".

3. Incapacitate Sonos aptitude.

4. Empower Sonos ability; sign in to your record once more.

Alexa App Shows All Smart Devices Offline

The most widely recognized blunder under this is, "Alexa TP interface isn't reacting" or "tp connect isn't reacting".

Alexa application stuck on setup

This issue emerges once in a while, what to do is simply re-setup the Alexa application.

Interface your Echo's capacity supply.

Introduce the Amazon Alexa application on your telephone.

Interface your telephone or tablet to your Echo's Wi-Fi arrange.

Change to the application and pick Set up another gadget.

Enter your Amazon username and secret key.

Enter your secret key for the wifi organize.

Presently the gadget and the application are prepared to utilize.

Most Common resound issue > Amazon Echo Dot WiFi interface – Stuck on white screen

This is essentially ordered as,

"Amazon resound setup issue."

Leave the Alexa application and go to the 'Settings' application on your Android telephone.

Explore to the 'WiFi' settings.

Un-check the 'Brilliant system' setting.

Alexa App stuck in the turning circle

Basically expel the application and re-introduce it.

Can't login to Alexa application

Go for the focuses given in the section with heading: "How about we look at the similarity status of Alexa application with your gadget."

Amazon Alexa application bolster inaccessible

Before getting to the mistake, this is the thing that Amazon bolster give us:

Alexa App Support-

Instructions to download Alexa for Android, Mac, Computer.

Alexa Does not react.

Telephone number check blunder.

Alexa application login mistake.

Inconvenience setting up Alexa voice control remote and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

For this situation, individuals get the message that "Application Support Unavailable."

Case 1: Click on Spotify from the accessible Music benefits then the above message flies up.


Separate/Deregister all gadgets from your Alexa account (discretionary).

Unlink Spotify account in Alexa settings.

Email reset your Spotify watchword.

Connection the Spotify account once more.